because there are just too many things to remember
New blog posts ... tjoef tjaf

Yup, don’t have time to muck around. Need to be able to blog about things I learn so that I can use them later.

I think tjoef-tjaf is an Afrikaans expression meaning roughly, quick-quick. Here on Wikipedia are other ‘real Souf-Afrikan’ words in common use - like ja-nee


In what follows, all my myBlogs live in ~/WorkDocs/cloudfundis/myBlog on my PC, and my githubpages repo is in ~/WorkDocs/cloudfundis/ - I’ll be pushing from here to github

  1. Your blog Hugo metadata and all that junk lives in ~/somedir/myBlog/

If not, then you can use hugo to create a new site in ~/somedir as follows

somedir $ hugo new site myBlog

Set up an alias in ~/.bash_aliases to make uploading and deployment easier:

alias buildblog=’(cd ~/WorkDocs/cloudfundis/myBlog/; hugo -d ../; (cd ~/WorkDocs/cloudfundis/ && git add -A && git commit -m “Blog update” && git push)’

.bash_aliases is read by .bashrc, so re-sourcing .bashrc sets this up.

Now, it’s time to write a post:

Step 1

Assuming you’re in the myBlog directory on your local machine:

hugo new post blog/

Creates the page (in content/blog/ [I want tjoef-tjaf to be a new blog post on the site]. Edit

Step 2

Save it and then, using your alias, rebuild the website using hugo and deploy to github with commit and push

$ buildblog

Visit the site at (actually, visit your own github pages site).


What can happen is that, because you’re pushing new changes to the git regularly, old stuff that you may not still want there, will continue to linger. These problems are difficult to diagnose. As a result, you might just want to scrub everything on your github pagess site and start again. Do this with caution!

git rm -rf git commit -m “Clean everything with bleach" git push

Last modified on 2020-04-29