because there are just too many things to remember
jq - lesson N - the N'd game

After all your learnings and this series, we’re trying to get to understand and write jq like the one below. It’s a culmination of our learnings:

jq 'def dotkeys:
	def stringify: map(tostring) | join(".");
	. as $in
	| reduce paths(scalars) as $p (null;
		($in|getpath($p)) as $v
		| setpath([$p|stringify]; $v));
	def chain(key):
	.[key] |= dotkeys ;

Yup, this looks terrible to me. Guess there’s a lot I need to learn here! So I’m on a quest and hopefully this’ll make more sense as these lessons progress.

But we’re not there yet.

Thanks @doug for this little bit of chicken-scratch.

Last modified on 2020-05-05